Landscaping and Hardscaping Installation

You have invested in a quality landscaping or hardscaping plan for your Dayton or Cincinnati property. Now sit back and let Grunder Landscaping Co.’s experienced production team turn your dream into reality! Whether we’re installing a new landscape, a patio, a walkway, a pool, or an outdoor living space, our pros will make the process simple for you.

Meet the Production Team: Communication is key, so we make it easy and comfortable for you to talk to us.

We Will:

  • Introduce you to your personal project manager. The Director of Design-Build and your personal Landscape Designer will remain available throughout the installation process and beyond.

Begin the Landscape Installation: We’ll communicate beforehand so that you know exactly when your installation will start. When our team arrives, they will always be respectful and professional on your property. We try to treat every property we work on as if it was our grandmother’s house, with the respect we would want to be shown to her!

We Will:

  • Keep your property orderly throughout the process. Our work can be messy, but we’ll clean up what we can at the end of each day.
  • Conduct ourselves professionally.
  • Perform all tasks with quality and expertise.
  • Smile, say hello, and be friendly while we’re on your property.


Installation of sod and of a patio and retaining wall in Dayton, Ohio

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate: Every step of the way we will do all we can to keep you informed on our progress and activities.

We Will:

  • Keep an open line of communication.
  • Inform you about any concerns or changes should they arise.
  • Listen attentively and make ourselves available to you for any questions you have.

Project Completion: We believe in the power of relationships, and we’ll be here for you even after the project is completed.

We Will:

  • Exceed your expectations every step of the way.
  • Conduct a post-construction walkthrough to ensure we have addressed all of your needs and concerns.
  • Provide you with written and in-person instruction as needed to care for your newly installed landscape, with a list of the plants we installed and what care they need.
  • Remain available to you long after the project is complete for questions you have.

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