Our Community

Grunder Landscaping Co. proudly supports organizations throughout the Dayton region who are committed to making our community a great place to live and work. We contribute to the following:

  • Foodbank
  • Victoria Theatre Association
  • Humane Society of Great Dayton
  • Alter High School
  • Carroll High School
  • Centerville High School
  • The Garden Club of Dayton
  • Oakwood High School
  • Miamisburg High School
  • Artemis Center
  • United Way
  • Victory Project
  • Dayton Children’s Hospital
  • Dayton Art Institute

If you would like Grunder Landscaping Co. to consider supporting your organization, please fill out the form below. We plan all community support in December for the following year. Due to the volume of inquiries and in order to be fair to all, we regret that we cannot fulfill every request.