Explore all that your property can be as you work one on one with our team of expert landscape designers. We make reimagining your outdoor spaces easy with our simple process:

Initial Consultation: Hear from an expert how to achieve your goals when you meet face to face on site.

We Will:

  • Teach you our process
  • Offer insight into planning and budgeting
  • Establish a scope and value of the design work
  • Set a timetable for completion of the design work

Plan Review: Our designers will contact you to arrange a convenient time to review the plans for your new landscape.

We Will:

  • Present you with a fully rendered landscape plan, to scale and complete with sample pictures of plant selections, materials and construction details (as the project requires).
  • Draft a set of ‘Blue-Book’ values for the various elements of your design, and explain ‘Good – Better – Best’ scenarios so you aren’t left guessing how best to invest in your outdoor space.
  • Listen carefully so the end product is tailored to your particular wants and needs.

Proposal Presentation: Once the design has been finalized, you can look forward to installation with confidence.

We Will:

  • Present you with a detailed proposal of the project’s scope and value
  • Clearly articulate the installation process and timeline
  • Set expectations for the finished product