Our Team

A Creative Team Devoted to Client Satisfaction

At Grunder Landscaping Co., we believe that quality work begins with a quality team. We hire dedicated team members, we develop their talents, and we work together to deliver the best results for our clients. We also operate a drug-free workplace and background check every new team member to ensure the safety of all.

Marty Grunder

President & CEO

Seth Pflum

Chief Operating Officer

Dalton Yates

Director of Production Operations

Brian Davis

Director of Lawn Care

Chris Maloney

Director of Sales Operation

Mike Boeck PLA

Landscape Architect

Jon Steinbrunner

Landscape Designer

Kent Sholder

LandKeeping™ Consultant

Brent Grolnic

LandKeeping™ Consultant

Bradley Keller

LandKeeping™ Consultant

Angel Galbraith

Outside Sales Representative

Chris Becht

Inside Sales Representative

Shannon Cummins

Accounting Manager

Jimmy Hendricks

Group Leader

Alan Whitt

Group Leader

Gaston Diaz Ramirez

Group Leader Entry

Lorenzo Lopez Valenzuela

Group Leader Entry

Bill Rosell

Fleet Manager

Corri Puhr

Project Designer

BreeAnna Cole

Administrative Assistant


LandKeeping™ Team Leader


Senior LandKeeping™ Team Leader

PJ Lehr

Lawn Care Techcian


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry


Team Leader Entry