Caring for Floral Installations

Caring for floral installations and annuals is really pretty straightforward, especially when you’re a LandKeeping client. Here’s what you need to know:

If you have an irrigation system that covers your flower beds, make sure it’s set to “On” or “Auto”. It will take care of this step for you! If you don’t have an irrigation system, but also don’t want to worry about watering your annuals yourself, ask your LandKeeping Consultant about our watering program.

If you’ll be watering annuals yourself, here are our tips for the best results.
1. Water deeply.

  1. Use a watering wand to get the water under the blooms. Water droplets that land on the flowers themselves can act like a magnifying glass when the sun hits them and burns the flowers. Using a wand helps you get to the roots easily.
  2. For hanging baskets and pots, check the soil with your finger before watering to see if it’s dry. Especially in the spring and fall, sometimes these containers stay wet longer than you expect. When you water, do so until you see water coming out the drainage hole on the bottom.

What We’ll Handle For You
Our LandKeeping crew will handle the ongoing maintenance of these annuals, including deadheading and fertilizing them, in addition to their regular work on your property.

Deadheading is removing the blooms after they have reached their peak.  This enables the plant to use its energy to produce new blooms instead of trying to hold on to the older ones.  We do this on perennials on your property too, which depending on the plant can give you an additional flush of blooms during the season.