Our Spring Clean-Up Process

What makes our spring clean-up process unique to the Dayton and Cincinnati area?

Dayton Ohio Landscaping

Keeping your landscaping healthy and thriving is always our priority, and we’ve designed our spring and fall clean-ups to do just that. The steps our crews follow will get your property ready for the season ahead. Here’s what to expect:

Spring Clean-Ups
Our spring clean-up is designed to get your plants ready to wake up for the warmer months ahead. We follow 11 steps while we’re on your property:

  1. Rake and haul out leaves, twigs, and any other debris leftover from winter.
  2. Inspect all plants for signs of disease and insects. We’ll prune out dead, broken, or diseased branches. We’ll also note any future actions we recommend for the health of our property.
  3. Turn mulch and thine areas where it’s deeper than 3 inches due to erosion or shifting.
  4. Edge or retrench and weed beds.
  5. Edge all concrete and paved surfaces bordered by turf and mulch.
  6. Blow off foundation and all areas soiled by our clean-up process before mulching.
  7. Apply fertilizer to all ornamental plants.
  8. Apply pre-emergent herbicide.
  9. Add mulch to all beds with a 2-2.5 inch average depth.
  10. Thoroughly air-sweep all turf, plants, boulders, and hard surfaces impacted by mulching.
  11. Inspect the job and do a final walk through for any last details.

Our crews are exceptionally detailed when doing a clean-up; each of these 11 steps comes with 4-10 sub-steps that we teach our team to follow on every property. Here are some important details we pay attention to so that we’re setting your plants and property up to look great, and stay healthy:

Leaves and even trash tend to get stuck in the branches of woody ornamental plants and can hide under plants, too. We’ll check high and low, rake or blow it all out, and haul it away with us when we’re done. No more bagging leaves or piling them on the curb just for the wind to blow them back into the yard. We bring leaves and other yard waste back to our property and compost it ourselves. You can read more about that process here.

We use a balanced 14-14-14 fertilizer on all ornamental plants and will apply other specialty products, like elemental sulfur, to plants that require it. We take the guesswork out of this for you.

For the health of your plants, it’s important that mulch not pile up too high around the trunks of trees or on the crowns of perennials. Mulch will suppress weeds and give your beds a clean, smooth look. We’ll spread a 2-2.5 inch layer of mulch evenly across beds, being careful to work our way through the property so that none of our footprints are left behind.

Spring clean-ups are included in all of our LandKeeping plans, for both residential maintenance and commercial maintenance clients.