The Fall Clean-Up Process

Our Fall Clean-Up is designed to remove debris and prepare your Dayton or Cincinnati property for a safe

Leaf Clean Upwinter. As your landscaping goes dormant, we want to remove any trip or fall hazards and take care of branches that may snap under the weight of snow. Here are the steps our crews follow and why:

We’ll clean up leaves and debris and remove annuals that are finished blooming. We’ll check high and low, rake or blow it all out, and will haul it away with us when we’re done. No more bagging leaves or piling them on the curb just for wind to blow them back into the yard. We bring leaves and other yard waste back to our property and compost it ourselves. You can read more about that process here.

We try to do most of our pruning before November 1 so that plants have a chance to heal the wounds left behind before the worst winter weather rolls in. We will do some pruning for safety reasons or for plants we know will tolerate it after November 1.

Pre-Emergent Herbicide
There are weeds that like the cooler season, so we’ll apply a pre-emergent herbicide to keep them under control in your beds.

Plant Healthcare
Our skilled professionals will inspect all plants for signs of disease or harmful insects. We’ll make any recommendations based on what we see.

Ornamental Grasses and Some Perennials
Some plants can be either cut back in Spring or Fall, depending on your preference. This would include ornamental grasses, which can be left tall for winter interest or cut back to the ground in the fall. Hydrangeas can be deadheaded in the fall or the spent blooms can be left on their stems. Talk to your LandKeeping Consultant or salesperson; they can discuss your options.

A fall clean-up is included in all of our residential landscape maintenance and commercial landscape maintenance programs.